Make-up Designer

I started out as an apprentice in fashion design & millinery in London’s Camden Lock, a truly exciting place to be in the mid 1980s. I took these skills into the theatre in the 90s where I found a place within the creative realm of London’s Off West-End and the Fringe.

In 1999 I changed course and trained in make-up artistry. I feel fortunate to say I have since enjoyed a varied & colourful career.

I love concentrating on the detail & background of each character therefore I believe a polished complexion should be a conscious character decision, not a default setting.

In 2017 I was thrilled to win a Royal Television Society Award for my work on ‘The Drug Trial : Emergency at the Hospital’ (Raw TV for the BBC). It’s always wonderful to have your work recognised and especially so for telling this story of a drug trial which would go on to change the law in the UK.  

It’s also important to note that I support cruelty-free products, trying to consume ethically with an eye on natural products & the world’s resources.


With Rich Fulcher on ‘Mainstage’ for Channel X.